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When a jet from Las Vegas arrives with a dead man with three million dollars handcuffed to his wrist, Jordan and Woody have to eliminate the chaperones of murder.

The Dartford Crossing charges vary depending on what you're driving, while setting up a pre-paid online account gets you a discount on the cost every time you cross. The charges are as follows:

"It was going for a minute and it was at its highest point and I saw somebody fall on the ride, and then a minute later the whole like row of seats fell off and hit the ground," Bellomy told WCMH-TV.

CARRIER, a 10-part series filmed aboard the USS Nimitz, is a character-driven immersion in the high- stakes world of a nuclear aircraft carrier.

Comment: Topping up my account with £10, [and travelling] three times over and back leaves me 2p short on the sixth crossing [with a total grand total of £ required] – a great way to collect fines it seems.

The departure was celebrated on Elephant Island with a two-week blizzard. Wild decided to make a hut from the two remaining boats and scraps of old tent fabric. Parallel stone walls were erected to support the boats which were laid side by side. Tent fabric and sail material was stretched over the upturned hulls to keep the rain and snow out while tent canvas was used for the walls. A blubber stove was set up and the second engineer, A. Kerr, made a tin chimney out of biscuit case linings. Celluloid windows were constructed with panes from a photograph case. Water was always a problem. As the temperature rose to just above freezing, drainage was nearly nonexistent within the day they bailed out 160 gallons of water. Midwinter's Day was celebrated on June 22 with a drink made from hot water, ginger, sugar and a teaspoon of methylated spirits. At Saturday night concerts, Hussey would play his banjo as the men sang vulgar songs about each other. By the beginning of August, food was starting to become in short supply. They dug up old seal bones and stewed them in sea water along with seaweed, which they found "very tasty". The last of the methylated spirits was drank on August 12 and from that date forward their toasting was done with hot water and ginger. The surgeons, McIlroy and Macklin, amputated the frostbitten toes of Blackborrow's feet by the light of the blubber stove.

Crossing Chaos / Full Of Hatred - Crossing Chaos / Full Of HatredCrossing Chaos / Full Of Hatred - Crossing Chaos / Full Of HatredCrossing Chaos / Full Of Hatred - Crossing Chaos / Full Of HatredCrossing Chaos / Full Of Hatred - Crossing Chaos / Full Of Hatred